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On this page, you will find all the information you need for life in Year 1 and it will be updated half termly.

This page includes my Long Term Planning which outlines what we will be learning across the year. You will also find the Medium Term PLans on here, which outline in more detail what subjects and units we will be exploring each term.



We will begin the term with poetry, reading, reciting 'At the Zoo' by W. M. Thackery. Each child will work to write their own version of this poem with illustration.

We will then move on to share the text 'The Curious Case of the Missing Mammoth' by Ellie Hattie. 

Through this text, we will develop our literacy skills: using capital letters, full stops, exclamations and question marks. We will use and to join words and clauses and add suffixes to change the meaning of words.

Guided Reading

In Guided Reading we will be working as part of a small group to decode, blend and comprehend a range of books. 

The book we have been reading in school will be sent home on Thursday so mums and dads can share in our reading progress!



This term, we will be continue to develop our knowledge of Phase 5 Phonics using the Little Wandle guidance. We will be embarking on a daily double, giving us the opportunity to revisit prior learning as well as developing our knowledge.



In spelling, we will be Pathways to Spelling to focus our learning and knowledge of spelling patterns.

This term, we will be looking at the spelling rules for singular and plural -s and -es and adding suffixes where no change to the root word occurs e.g. 

buzz + -ing = buzzing

buzz + -ed = buzzed

buzz + -er = buzzer



Our PE session will be held on a Tuesday morning and will be taught by Mr Kashiri. We will be learning about Outdoor Adventure Activities with a focus on team work.

Please ensure your child has a weather suitable PE Kit in school and a water bottle.


In PSHE we will be looking at health and well-being. This includes how we can remin healthy, physically and mentally, as well as how to care for our hygiene. 

Within this unit, we will be exploring what money is, how it is used and where.



Science - Plants

In Science we will work scientifically to explore plants. In this unit we will be learning to ask simple questions, make close observations our the structure and development of plants, perform simple tests to answer our questions, identify and classify types of common plants and trees, gather data from our tests and from our findings, work to answer our questions.

We will investigate similarities and difference and question where toys may head in the future.


Science - Seasonal Changes

We will continue to observe the seasonal changes that take place as the winter days and night draw in. This includes looking at the environment around us, the changing weather and how we adapt to the changes. 


Year One will be widening their understanding of the area we live in. They will develop their knowledge not only Penketh, but where Penketh lies within Warrington. 

We will explore what features of Warrington are human and physical and work to answer the question... Why Warrington!


We begin our maths lessons with an engaging hook that gets the children to independently investigate the problems. Lessons will then utilise a range of sources including: First4Maths, White Rose, NCETM.

We will be learning about number and place value within 100. We will develop a deeper understanding of addition and subtraction, drawing on place value, number bonds and number facts to find effective mental strategies.


Design Technology

This term, Year One will be exploring the Food and Nutrion with a focus in fruit and vegetables. 

During this term, children will conduct research to find out the class favourites, prepare fruit and vegetables as well as designing and makeing their own dish!

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Home work will be set on a Monday and it due in on Friday.

Homework includes:


Children will be set up to 10 spellings linked to the phonics focus and the common exception words.

Children will be tested on these spellings on Friday, please ensure your child learns these spellings by practicing daily.


One piece of Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar work will be set, that links to the weekly English teaching this may include handwriting.


One piece of maths will be set, that links to the weekly maths teaching.


Reading scheme books will be sent home on a Thursday, once your child has finished reading it in school. These books are due back on Monday so that the next group can read them. Please remember to return them.

Shared reading books are sent of THursday and due back the following Thursday.

Please note that Book Club accounts are still active and books have been allocated to each account. If you need log in details, please get in touch. 


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