The School Day

Children are allowed into school from 8.40 am, so that registers can be taken promptly at 9.00am.

The official school day is as follows:

KS1 age group: 8.55am to 11.50am   and   12.50 pm to 3.15 pm.
(The Reception class finishes at 3.10 pm)

KS2 age group: 8.55 am to 12.30pm   and   1.20 pm to 3.15 pm.

These are pupil working times. KS1 children have a morning break from 10.30 am until 10.50 am and KS2 children from 10.45am until 11.00am. KS1 children have an afternoon break each day at approximately 2.15pm.  There are several assemblies during the school week. Parents are expected to ensure that children arrive in school promptly. Registers close at 9.10am;  children who enter school after this time will be marked as late and a parent or carer will be required to sign in their child via the main office. 

Length of the School Day

Teaching time does not legally include registration or acts of collective worship (assemblies).  Our teaching time is in line with government advice.

Key Stage 1 (KS1): 21.0 hours per week

Key Stage 2 (KS2): 23.5 hours per week