Early Help

Early Help refers to the offer of any information, advice or support to children, young people and their families as soon as possible in their lives, or when the issues emerge, to help prevent problems from escalating.

Listed below are some of the services the school can offer you: 

  • Pastoral Assistant - Mrs Andrea Wilcock is available to talk to parents/carers each morning to discuss any concerns you may have regarding behaviour, learning or any other support required. She is available at the main office. Mrs Wilcock can also offer support to complete forms and other paperwork, such as high school admissions
  • Friday Open Door - Teachers will offer support with learning, behaviour, changes in home circumstances, or anything else families may be worried about. Alternatively make an appointment to see Mrs Wilcock via the office
  • Talk Time Tuesday - If children have any concerns or worries they can come and have a talk with Mrs Wilcock on a Tuesday 12:30-1:00pm on the KS2 playground 
  • Key Workers - Meetings with Mrs Wilcock and class teachers are available to discuss any further concerns parents may have regarding a child's behaviour or learning. If additional support is required, a key worker will be allocated as the main point of contact
  • Referrals - Referrals to outside agencies such as the Family Outreach Team, parenting courses, School Health Advisor, St Joseph's Family Centre, Play/Art Therapy and local children's centres will be made by our SENDCO or DSL
  • Assessment - We can complete an Early Help Assessment which involves listening to parents to find out what help is needed and what is working well currently. Based on the outcomes of these discussions, a plan is put together so that professionals can work together to make sure that the right help is put in place.

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Early Help Assessments

Early Help Assessments (EHA) are how professionals identify and assess a family's needs.

The assessment is completed in partnership with families and a range of organisations such as the council, schools, health services etc. in order to create a package of support that meets the needs of the entire family.

The EHA means everyone can ensure the support is working and making a difference to the family. It also helps to improve local services for everyone.

Early Help Offer

Early Help Brochure

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